Typhoon exemplifies highly reliable and efficient installations.
In the production process, from storage through to mixing, weighing or possibly grinding, both pneumatic conveying and vacuum suction are extremely suitable methods for connecting the whole process.

Pneumatic conveyors are closed systems. With these transport systems, there is much less chance of any product lagging behind than with mechanical transport systems.
This means there is less chance of contamination and bacteria formation. Design and sizing are essential for these projects.

Typhoon has many engineers who are at home in this sector. In addition to operational reliability and efficiency, Typhoon is also highly committed to safety, ease of maintenance, health and the environment.

  • Top quality at a competitive price
  • All materials suitable for the food industry
  • In line with specific hygiene regulations and safety standards, ATEX-compliant
  • Our own assembly and maintenance departement
  • Energy efficiency
  • Advice and support for the composition of your installation

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