Aeration and dust extraction in a seed factory

Typhoon installed a complete dust extraction system for a new production tower for one of the market leaders in the supply of cereal seeds to the Belgian agricultural and horticultural sectors.
The seeds department is prominent in the world of certified cereals, maize, grasses, green manures and other agricultural seeds. In the department, the best strains of the seeds are carefully conditioned.
In the winter, a brand new production tower was built for receiving, sorting, processing, bagging and sorting the seeds. A general filter installation was provisioned into the architectural structure of this tower. 

Typhoon was involved in the project in order to connect all the points that cause dust problems and to transport them via various systems to the general filter installation.
For this purpose, no fewer than 16 fans were installed to connect all these conveyor belts, elevators, sorting stations, etc. The total air flow reaches +/- 110,000 m³/h. 
Typhoon also takes care of the aeration of the 68 silos in which the seeds are stored.
For this, 2 fans guarantee the correct amount of air is blown to the silos via automated valves.
A central dust extraction system allows the operators to work in a dust-free environment.

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