Dust extraction for interior operation

At a manufacturer specialising in the delivery and installation of movable partition walls, suspended ceilings, door systems, system furniture and in the total dismantling of office buildings, Typhoon carried out the following works.

With the reorganisation of their existing machine park + arrival of a new panel line, they invested in a new Typhoon dust extractor. In the first instance, we connected the new panel line (extraction capacity of 44,000 m³/h) and afterwards the existing pipes could be removed in such a way that their current filter installation could be removed.
The installation has a total extraction capacity of 100,000 m³/h and is equipped with a high-performance fan with an installed 200 kW motor. The filter has 3 separate inputs, each with a pneumatic sliding valve that is connected to the frequency inverter.

For the extraction from the breaker, we opted for a separate transport fan (15 kW) which then blows directly into a container. The pipeline is therefore also furnished with thick-walled piping and bends that were later acoustically insulated.

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