Policy Statement

Typhoon’ business operations comprise a wide range of activities in the field of industrial process technology: the sale, leasing, installation, revision and maintenance of industrial air technology.

Typhoon considers the safety and security to be among its highest priorities and safeguards all aspects related to well-being within its organization. There is no job or task so important to justify unsafe working conditions!

Typhoon believes it to be only self-evident that all the products and services it supplies are of a good standard of quality.

Typhoon shall undertake to safeguard the necessary expertise and experience, to ensure compliance with the relevant prevailing legislation and standards to facilitate continuous improvement by means of training, repeated communication, etc.

Typhoon pursues an environmental policy that has been laid down. An environmental management system has been adopted for this purpose. The environmental policy statement is an annex to this policy statement.

Resulting from the disclosure, and additionally the clarification of this policy to our employees, we aim:

  • to ensure the safety and well-being all of our employees and third parties;
  • to prevent all possible accidents and report all near accidents;
  • to prevent material damage; and
  • to limit environmental damage to the greatest extent possible (see also the environmental policy statement).

The managing directors, assisted in this matter by the management of Typhoon, support every action that contributes to the realization of the corporate objectives set out above by virtue of its authority. The managing directors can therefore make all possible efforts to put this policy into practice to the best of his/her capabilities.

An HSQE responsible has been appointed within the organization to supervise the actual application and execution of all care systems that have been implemented. In this, Typhoon strives for continuous improvement in all aspects.

The practical implementation of this policy requires a synergy, a dynamic and the united and collective efforts of the management board, the managerial staff and the entire workforce of Typhoon.

Through concrete objectives, periodic assessments by the management and the managers, and a diversity of relevant training courses, Typhoon aims to continually improve the quality of its policy, both internally and externally, through such actions as implementing this policy, scheduling training courses, raising awareness, toolbox meetings and on-site inspections.

This objective has been communicated to the staff by means of toolbox meetings and/or circulars.

The policy statement is communicated and discussed upon the entry into service of each newly recruited employee.

Beveren-Leie, 31/10/2019


Frederic Bulcaen and Kris Devidt
Chief Executive Officers of Typhoon


Environmental Policy Statement

Typhoon aims to limit its ecological footprint by taking the necessary measures with regard to the company’s activities, products and services.

Typhoon shall undertake to satisfy all statutory requirements.

Typhoon wishes to achieve its objectives by:

  • reducing its use of paper, not only by printing less but primarily by means of far-reaching digitization throughout the company;
  • reducing its carbon dioxide emission, particularly in transport, by means of investments in its vehicle fleet;
  • reducing its use of municipal water by making use of rainwater at all locations where potable water is not necessary;
  • preventing pollution and protecting ecosystems and biodiversity through a limited use of chemicals and by using chemicals that are less polluting to the environment; and
  • investigating the yield of the systems installed by its customers and promoting the use of durable and energy-friendly systems and components (among others).

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