About Typhoon

Air technology is our mediator

For over half a century, we have provided our customers - both international and industrial SMEs - industrial and aerospace systems. All our tailor made solutions aim to make dust and dust free from dust, both the production floor itself and the spacious environment. With our own engineering team, production facilities, assembly services and maintenance teams, we can provide our customers at home and abroad with innovative and energy-efficient solutions that really make the difference in their competitive market.

Our mission: help clients to excel

With our impressive experience in dimensioning, engineering, planning, production and implementation of tailor-made and pneumatic solutions, we help our customers to blend on an operational level. With them we build sustainable partnerships for the maintenance of their industrial installations. In all we do, we bear high priority on innovation: in terms of performance, energy efficiency, reliability of operations and safety, we are increasing the barrel.

More than five decades of expertise

  • 1959: Typhoon sees the light. Founder Lucien Van Groenweghe bites the spot in our country with his company specializing in the air technology niche. Soon, Typhoon partner becomes from several major industrial players, with rapid international growth as a result.
  • 1998: Through succession problems, Typhoon falls in the hands of the Lieven Santens group, a family owned private equity group. In that period there was a merger with Artmetal, another specialist in air technology that was previously included in the group. As a result, Typhoon now has an offer for smaller players.
  • 2009: Frederic Bulcaen strengthens Typhoon management. Together with some partners and the help of investors, he takes over all the shares. Today Typhoon is 100% owned by the management.