Typhoon builds dedusting filter in xxl format


In the east of Belgium Typhoon has built an extraction installation for a producer of PET Foam insulation sheets for up to 360.000m³/h in one filter.
The dust extraction system was also equipped with a pneumatic conveying system and storage silo for storing the residual fractions.

XXL FILTER: Place and energy saving

Typhoon was able to offer the ideal solution by building a negative pressure filter that fitted perfectly within the available space in the building. This was only possible by collecting the various process and production lines together in one system.
The filter was also very well engineered to be able to withstand the high negative pressures given its enormous size. The installation has an automatic jet-cleaning system that removes the dust from all filter sleeves by air pulses.

By using frequency-drive, high-efficiency fans and a well thought-out control system, the exhaust flow rate can be regulated perfectly. This also results in a large energy saving which is an important topic in these times.

By using a filter with a flat bottom, it is possible to dispose of the voluminous residual fractions in a dosed manner without the risk of bridging and clogging.

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