07 Sep 2022

Henk Van Dasselaar represents Typhoon in the Netherlands

Typhoon NV from Beveren-Leie works from now on together with Henk Van Dasselaar for the expansion of his organization in the Netherlands. The intention is to further launch the little known but very efficient technique of round filters in the Netherlands. The appointment of Henk reaffirms the potential that Typhoon sees for its range of products and expertise in the process industry in the Netherlands. Henk Van Dasselaar with his company Hevada has been a household name in the dedusting world in the Netherlands for years.
Foto van Henk en Kris

"With Henk we do not only gain a lot of practical experience, but Henk will also help to develop new products and concepts specifically for the Dutch market" Kris Devidt, manager of Typhoon Luchttechniek BV tells very enthusiastically.

"I knew the quality products of Typhoon for years and am now very pleased that I can make the difference with these products here in the Dutch market." adds Henk Van Dasselaar. "We have already realized the first projects in the meantime and our customers are super enthusiastic."

Typhoon from Beveren-Leie (Waregem) has been an international environmental technology company active in air technology since 1959. Turn-key installations for industrial dust extraction and pneumatic transport systems but also industrial fans, wheel locks or other air technical components such as cyclones, dynamic condensers, etc. are engineered, produced and assembled by the "engineers of clean air" themselves. Also for preventive and curative industrial maintenance in industrial environments or for industrial assembly work you can contact Typhoon. The solutions of Typhoon are used in the production processes of industrial companies active in many sectors such as the recycling industry, waste processing, mineral extraction, cement industry, wood processing industry (both carpentry and chipboard mills), feed and food industry, flax and textiles, biomass and the biogas world. All of Typhoon's products and services are characterized by their durability (robustness and wear resistance), energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and operational reliability (7d/7d, 24h/24h). The strategy of the company is to continuously invest in new sectors in the Benelux as well as to roll out internationally the accumulated process expertise.

For more information about this announcement, about Typhoon, about Typhoon's range of products and services, please contact Kris Devidt, managing director, (kris.devidt@typhoon.be ; +32 (0)56 69 46 50)
or Henk Van Dasselaar, (henk.van.dasselaar@typhoonlt.nl ; +31 (0)13 590 58 78), or the website: www.typhoon.be / www.typhoonlt.nl .

Photos accompanying the message:

Photo of Kris Devidt (right), owner of Typhoon, and Henk Van Dasselaar, responsible for Typhoon Netherlands (left).

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