10 Jan 2019

Typhoon celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2019

Typhoon 60 jaar

In 2019 Typhoon NV celebrates its 60th anniversary. Typhoon was founded in 1959 in Izegem by Lucien Vangroenweghe. The company was in the hands of the Santens family investment group for a while until it was taken over at the beginning of 2010 by Frederic Bulcaen and Kris Devidt, both then active in the management of the company.


The founder of Typhoon, Lucien Vangroenweghe, met the needs of the flax people who started making flax sheets. Later on, the flax board industry grew into the successful chipboard industry. The fate of Typhoon's founder struck when his son became the victim of a fatal traffic accident. At that time, the transition to the next generation was almost complete.

A few years after this tragedy Lucien decided to hand over the company.

Meanwhile, the company is run by the complementary owners duo Frederic Bulcaen and Kris Devidt who took over the company in 2010. Their strategy is a mix of focusing on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation of their products and services. This strategy has resulted in strong growth, which can partly be explained by a broadening of the sectors in which Typhoon is active.

"Our founder Lucien has always put a lot of effort into wanting to be the best technically", says Kris Devidt, managing director. "By listening carefully to where our customers want to go, our strong technical team of Stewards and Engineers of Clean Air has ensured that over all these years we are still the number 1 in our target markets". "It is fun and instructive to look back with our business partners and see what achievements but also storms we have already experienced together in recent years" says Frederic Bulcaen, managing director. "In any case, we would like to continue to express our commitment to do everything possible in the future to give our customers an advantage in today's competitive world. "I think the company's in good hands for at least another 60 years. I see that in today's Typhoon there is still a good mix of young ambitious people and experienced Stewards and Engineers who want to go through the wall for the company. I believe that this is much more difficult today than it was in my time to find such people" adds founder Lucien Vangroenweghe.

A real family day will also be organised for all staff members. This day will take place this summer.

Frederic - Lucien - Kris

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