Dust extraction for cardboard in recycling plant

At a distribution centre, all cardboard boxes are recycled internally.
The boxes are pulled into smaller pieces by a shredder.
The cardboard shreds are transported to two presses via conveyor belts.
This whole process released a lot of dust, causing not only a dirty work environment, but also unhealthy air and a high fire hazard due to the cardboard dust.

Typhoon encapsulated the conveyor belts and equipped the installation with strategic extraction points.
All fine dust is evacuated outside, after which it can be blown into 2 swap containers.
This installation works continuously with an extraction rate of 20,000 m³/h. 

A dynamic condenser makes it possible to remove residues from the machines during maintenance via flexible cleaning ducting and sweeping hatches.
The scraps then fall back onto the conveyor belts that go to the press installation.

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