Heat recovery system in Finland

Heat recovery system in Finland: Heat recovery from exhaust air

In the dynamics of modern industrial processes, plant efficiency is becoming increasingly important, especially in climatically challenging environments. A recent milestone in this pursuit of optimal energy utilization is the installation of a heat recovery system in a new PIR panel factory in Finland.

The challenge was clear: how to recover heat from exhausted air that is not only bulky but also contains chemical vapors, a common problem when processing large quantities of PU and PIR panels.

The Case:
Our client, which was setting up a state-of-the-art factory in Finland, was looking for a solution for extracting various automatic machining processes. Typhoon developed a high-performance extraction system that included various sawing and milling lines, with a Typhoon filter designed for continuous operation. In addition to this dedusting system, Typhoon also supplied a silo with extraction system for storage purposes.

However, extracting the huge airflow of 70,000 m³/h through a chimney above the building caused significant heat loss, which was a costly inefficiency.

The Solution:
The solution lay in reusing the heat energy from this exhaust air. Typhoon implemented a thermal wheel module, acting as a heat exchanger. This ingenious system extracts heat from the outgoing air stream and transports it to the incoming air stream. Crucial here is that the airflows remain separate, reusing heat without mixing.

The Result:
The effect of this system is impressive. The cold Finnish outside air that is normally drawn in to ventilate the production area is pre-heated by the heat wheel. Up to 85% of the energy from the extracted air can be transferred to preheat this outside air. The rest can possibly be heated by hot water elements to the desired temperature.

This innovation is expected to dramatically reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions, especially during colder months. Although exact savings will depend on seasons and specific climatic conditions, this step toward improved energy efficiency and CO2 reduction is a crucial contribution to Typhoon's vision for a more environmentally friendly world.

This project illustrates not only technological advances but also a commitment to integrating sustainable solutions into industrial processes, an initiative that will undoubtedly set the standard for future energy-efficient installations worldwide.

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