Refreshing bend in pipe of sieve installation

Our customer, a well-known chipboard manufacturer, had a problem with impact and friction wear in one of their pipes in the recycling department.

A sieve installation takes care of the pre-cleaning of raw materials such as chips, dust and sand. The different fractions are separated from each other and continue in different pipes.

The bend where problems occurred was located in the pipe where the smallest fractions pass through such as dust and sand. This bend was completely worn out and even showed holes in the coating.

Together with the customer, we decided to repair and tile the bend so that the service life of the bend would increase.

After dismantling the bend, it was taken to the forge to repair the steel pieces that had become too thin. Thicker plates were welded on.

After a thorough cleaning with sandblasting, the inside was tiled with mosaic mats (ALU 92 tiles - 6mm thickness). Bonding was done with Typhoon's own 2-component adhesive.

After covering the bend it was reassembled.

Coating and assembly time : 2,5 working days.

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