Typhoon exemplifies highly reliable, robust installations. The dust extraction systems, separators and pneumatic conveyors all have a very important role to play in the entire production process, and in the recovery of valuable raw materials.
Fully automatic filters, robust fans and rotary airlocks and wear-resistant pipework all ensure hassle-free dust extraction for shredders, sieve and sift installations and sorting machines within wood, plastic, textile, rubber and metal recycling.

Over the years, Typhoon has developed a special range of robust, anti-wear products specifically for the recycling sector, such as wear-resistant fans, bladed rotary airlocks and abrasion-resistant filters.
For this, we can call on 60 years of experience in many similar sectors.
The outstanding quality of Typhoon products forms an important building block in the optimum operation of the production process.

Top quality at a competitive price
Robust and ATEX-compliant materials
Energy efficiency
Wear-resistant designs for longer durability
Tailor-made solutions based on your needs
Our own assembly and maintenance departement

Curious about what we can do for you?

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