Dust extraction for sanding installation

At a manufacturer of a wide range of chipboards, we installed a dust extraction system for continuous extraction from the sanding machine after pressing. Depending on the type and width of the chipboard, up to 1500 kg/h of sanding dust is extracted from the machine.
The height of the upper part of the sander is automatically adjusted depending on the thickness of the boards. The dust extractor on this movable upper part of the sanding machine was connected by means of tubes that slide together. This resulted in a more compact installation compared to flexible ducting (as well as less pressure loss and more durability than with flexible ducting).
The automatic self-cleaning filter, suitable for an extraction rate of 80,000 m³/h, is equipped with a flat bottom and a rotating extraction system. This exhaust system prevents any blockages or accumulation of dust at any time.

A cyclone was placed in front of the filter to separate the majority of the dust from the air stream. This reduces the dust load of the filter sleeves, thereby prolonging their life.
For the removal of the sanding dust, a negatively pressurised pneumatic conveyor was supplied to blow the dust into a silo up to 500 metres away.
Feeding of the sanding dust into the pneumatic conveyor was carried out with a proprietary Typhoon airlock (SHZ type).
Specially designed airlock for feeding very abrasive dust into pneumatic conveyors with pressures up to 700 mbar. (see picture)

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