Duxt extraction for planing mills and sawmills

Typhoon has installed a new dust extraction system for a customer who is a producer and importer of African tropical wood. The customer manages the entire production chain of the wood, from the forestry all the way to the end customer. In their production, they have the necessary machines for sawing and planing as well as finger jointing of solid and laminated wood.
With the arrival of their new planing machine, they were looking for a new reliable dust extractor for the extremely large amount of wood dust/curls. We have installed a special filter for this, so that we could guarantee high reliability on the installation.

The installation is suitable for an extraction capacity of 80,000 m³/h and is fitted with a high-performance fan with a 110 kW motor.
The installation is fully ATEX-compliant.
Since the new filter had to be in the place of the existing one, we prepared it in such a way that the conversion could be done with as little production loss as possible.
All wood dust from the entire installation is transported to one of the 4 containers by means of a transport pipe and transport fan.
The return air is blown outside to ensure no nuisance odour.

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