Pneumatic transport with cyclofilter

At a manufacturer of a wide range of chipboard, an additional wind sifter was placed on one of the production lines to clean the product stream coming from the vibrating sieves.
Typhoon provided the necessary pneumatic conveyors to carry the product flows to the wind sifter, as well as transporting the cleaned material (top layer/coating layer) to a storage silo.
For the pneumatic conveyor of the top layer to the silo, a negatively pressurised transport pipe was provided, and furnished with ceramic-coated bends in view of the abrasive nature of the material to be transported.
The granular material is fed into the conveyor line via a bladed airlock. The inside of the extended housing is covered with tungsten carbides and the sharpened rotor tips have a hardened surface. This wear-resistant finish and precise adjustment of the clearance between the rotor and the housing prevents premature wear.

For the separation of the material from the air stream at the level of the silo, a cyclofilter was installed on top of the silo, with replaceable wear plates made of wear-resistant material. The concept of the filter is modular and allows the filter sleeves to be safely replaced.
The necessary platforms and cage ladders were provided for safe access to the filter.
Several transport pipes can be connected to the filter. By means of pneumatically controlled valves, certain filter inputs can be closed when not in use.

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