Pneumatic transport for plant power supply

A power plant that burns coal to produce electricity invested in a biomass plant in the context of green power development.

Adding a certain percentage of wood dust (from recycling) to the coal dust for combustion in the steam boilers contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy policy.

The pneumatic conveyors for transporting the fine wood dust to the burners in the plant were also supplied and assembled by Typhoon.

These include 10 transport pipes (8x 3.75 ton/h and 2x 5 ton/h) over distances longer than 500 m, equipped with wear-resistant bends and smooth transitions between the flanges (male and female welding neck flanges).

Typhoon also ensured the supply of a dosing bunker which allowed for continuous and uniform dosing of the wood dust into the transport pipes.

Airlocks specially designed by Typhoon, specifically for the supply of very abrasive dust in pneumatic conveyors with pressures up to 700 mbar, were commissioned to guarantee continuous operation in a 24/7 system.

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