Pre-cleaning of swarf

At a manufacturer of a wide range of chipboards, we installed a dust extraction installation for the pre-cleaning of their incoming raw materials. Large quantities of recycled wood are supplied daily via ship and cargo transport. These incoming product streams first pass through pre-cleaning to remove most of the undesirable contaminants before proceeding further into the production process.

Dust extraction was mainly supplied for the different sieves and accompanying vibrating feeders, as well as for the different pour points on belts and elevators.

Typhoon installed 2 automated filters, together accounting for 125,000 m³/h. Both filters work under negative pressure, meaning that high-efficiency fans ensure efficient energy consumption and that minimal maintenance is needed.
Suitable for the continuous cleaning of fluffy/woolly and at times very moist material.

4 dynamic condensers were also provided to remove all films from the air streams to the filters. All films are thereby collected separately and can be disposed of for further recycling. This prevents films from entering the filters, where they can cause problems by getting stuck between the sleeves, or otherwise cause blockages in the pneumatic conveyor further in the process.

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