Processing and transport of flour

A firm specialising in the production and development of heat-treated wheat flour invested in a 2nd production line for flour processing.

Typhoon took care of the supply of wheat flour to the new plant by means of a pneumatic conveyor, as well as the pneumatic transport of the finished product to the various storage silos at the end of the production process. For this purpose, compact, tailor-made ATEX-compliant cyclofilters were developed that fit within the building.
In addition to the filters, all transport pipes were made of stainless steel and equipped with the necessary diverter valves to direct flow to the desired battery of silos.
One filter was provided per battery of silos (4 silos per battery). Gravity diverter valves are used to pour the finished product into the silos from these filters.

In order to cool the heat-treated flour, an air conveyor was also used in this project. For this purpose, pre-filtered air was sucked in from outside by fans, which sucked the heated flour into a conveying line. Along this air conveyor, the flour was sufficiently cooled. The flour was separated from the air stream by means of cyclones.

After the cyclones, ATEX-compliant filters were placed under negative pressure to purify the relatively moist air of the remaining fine flour dust in the air stream. Evacuation of the flour from the filters via a rotating extraction system in combination with airlocks. Filter sleeves suitable for continuous operation in humid conditions and mounted on divisible filter baskets, which are easily accessible and can be replaced safely.

Typhoon also handled the delivery and installation of small stainless steel intermediate bunkers and associated ductwork.

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