PU panel finishing line

Typhoon installed a new dust extraction installation for a manufacturer of insulation products and concepts based on closed-cell polyurethane foam.

The products are used in insulated roof elements, floor slabs and wall insulation. The customer is part of a Belgian group that has a strong European dimension, with more than 100 branches spread over 27 countries.

To expand their production capacity, the decision was made to establish a brand new industrial facility in Bourges (France). The finishing lines for sawing and the application of finger joints both produce a large amount of dust. The decision was made for Typhoon to design the entire dust extraction installations. The complete design consists of supplying, placing and connecting a dust extraction installation for 115,000 m³/h, silo with storage capacity of 500m³, pneumatic conveyors, air recuperation and complete automation throughout. The whole system meets the current ATEX standards. In order to provide extra security, Typhoon also installed and connected an automatic spark detection system with an extinguishing system.

The entire extraction system was divided into separate zones, determined by the different production times of the end products. For this purpose, a Jet filter Ø 5.2m type general filter installation is negatively pressurised and the different systems are connected to it. The collected dust in the filter is blown via a pneumatic conveyor to a silo of 500 m³, or to a briquette press.

The air coming from the finishing lines is let off via a heat exchanger. In this way, the energy in the exhaust air is exchanged with the fresh outside air, which is used as compensation in the production room.

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