Storage building for flour and grains

A producer and supplier of bakery raw materials invested in
a new infrastructure for the intake and storage of grains.
Via ship unloading and bulk trucks, grains are loaded into various silos using elevators, Redler conveyors and transport belts.

The building also includes a cleaning installation where the grains (mainly wheat) are cleaned by means of wind sifting and sieving and then stored back in intermediate silos before being included in the further production process (grinding, sieving, mixing, etc.).
Typhoon took care of the dust extraction system for this infrastructure. This includes the suction/ventilation of the wind sifters, sieves, elevators, bulk truck unloading hoppers, dumping points on the belts/Redlers, intermediate bunkers, etc.

4 compact compressed air-cleaned sleeve filters with a flat bottom and rotating extraction system were integrated inside the building. The explosion panels of the ATEX-compliant filters were diverted to the exterior by means of short venting channels.
The filters all work under negative pressure, so that the fans are on the clean air side and are very energy-efficient.
Because of the few moving parts, these filters are also very easy to maintain.
Via the hinged lids on the heads of the filters (Ø2000 and Ø2500 mm) the filter sleeves can be easily and safely replaced on location.

Due to the combination of the pneumatically controlled sliding valves on the inputs of the filters and the frequency-controlled fans, only the required extraction rate is supplied by the dust extractor. As a result, the power consumption of the dust extraction system is perfectly proportional to the working installation, and no more energy than necessary is used.

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