Total project for finishing line

A manufacturer of panels for use in the construction sector has invested in a new finishing line. We’re mainly talking about sawing machines, sanding machines and milling machines. Typically, all dust released from these machines is completely collected for reuse in the production process of the boards.

Typhoon has supplied the complete dust extraction installation for this finishing line, as well as transport of the collected dust through the filters to the storage silos. Specifically, we provided 3 filters each with a capacity of 40,000 m³/h.

Particular challenges for this project:

  • The height available for the filters was very limited. This was because the filters of the dust extraction system had to be placed inside a hall and under a walkway. In order to realise this, the space above the filter sleeves, which is normally available for replacing the filter sleeves, was sacrificed. So we came up with an alternative procedure for replacing the sleeves so that this can still be carried out smoothly and safely. In order to achieve this, the 3 filters were fitted with fully detachable roofs, and walking platforms were also installed around the roofs of the 3 filters. This all took place in close consultation with the project engineers, the production manager and the customer’s HSEQ manager.
  • The collected dust in the filters had to be transported to 4 different silos, depending on the type of boards. These 4 silos are now also filled by existing finishing lines. The common thread running through the design of this transport was flexibility. Every finishing line must be able to transport matter to any silo at any time. In order to realise all of this, a pneumatic conveyor was chosen, in combination with the necessary shuttle valves, transport screws and an additional dust extraction system on top of the silos up to the apex of the building.

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