Both the dedusting and separation installations play a very important role in the entire production process, and in the recovery and production of valuable products.

Fully automatic filters, robust ventilators and wheel locks, wear-resistant piping ensure carefree dedusting of the necessary machine tools.

For the transport of textile fibre, extra attention is paid to ensure that the pipeline route is as smooth as possible.

In doing so, we can call on 60 years of experience in many similar sectors.

The excellent quality of the Typhoon products is an important building block in the optimal functioning of the production process.

Sector experience since 1959
Own assembly and maintenance department
Advice and support for the composition of the installation
Energy-efficient and low-maintenance systems

Curious about what we can do for you?

Contact our specialists at +32 56 69 46 50 or send an email to sales@typhoon.be

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