Conversion of chipboard plant

A manufacturer of a wide range of chipboards made investments in a new sieve installation and relocation of existing wind sift systems for the purpose of cleaning their material after machining.

The various wood fractions (middle layer, top layer, coarse and dust) after sieving and sifting are blown away by means of pneumatic conveyors to storage silos, or to an additional cleaning stage for the coarse fraction.
In view of the abrasive nature of the different product streams, our focus was on the wear-resistant construction of the pipelines and components used. Ceramic-lined bends (in combination with ceramic-coated tubes after each bend) and injectors offer optimal protection against premature wear in the transport pipes. 

The filters on top of the silos are built up in modular rings, of which the most critical wearing parts are made with hard-wearing Hardox 450. The detachable inputs on the filters are also furnished with replaceable wear plates so that the repair costs remain limited over time. The concept of low-maintenance filters allows you to safely replace the filter sleeves.
Further attention was also paid to the inlet airlocks that dose the material into the pneumatic transport pipelines. For the granular materials, bladed airlocks were used.

Airlocks with plastic flaps were utilised for the fine material or dust.Both types of locks are wear-resistant and suitable for operating pressures up to 700 mbar.
The inner sides of the extended housing are covered with tungsten carbides and the sharpened rotor blades of the bladed airlocks have a hardened surface. This wear-resistant finish and precise adjustment of the clearance between the rotor and the housing prevents premature wear.
A dust extraction filter was also installed at ground level for the general extraction of dust from the installation. This was also to enable filtering of the circulation air of the wind sifters.

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