Dust extraction for edge banding machines in kitchen manufacture

Project covers all facets:

  • New dust extraction installation / recuperation of existing system / conversion of existing system without loss of operational reliability
  • Integration with a minimum of production downtime
  • Pneumatic transport chosen as the most suitable application to collect all dust from the entire factory and to dispose of it to silo

At one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the Netherlands, the decision was made to integrate two factories into one location.
At the request of our customer, not only were new parts used, but existing installations were also recuperated.
The utilised Typhoon fan has a capacity of 100,000 m³/h and a power of 200 kW. Transmission takes place via a coupling rather than a belt drive.
This results in higher transmission efficiency and produces much less noise. In terms of energy consumption, using 1 large fan is also a much better solution than the use of several small cascade-switched fans. The round negatively pressurised filter consists of a welded construction with a thickness of 5 mm, which prevents leakages.

The filter is pressurised so that no material passes through the fan turbine. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimal energy consumption. The filter construction has no funnel, but rather a flat collection base for the dust, making it impossible for material to accumulate. In addition, all filter sleeves are automatically cleaned row by row by a fixed compressed air system. Control is carried out via a differential pressure measurement over the filter medium in order to use a minimum of compressed air. All of these factors make the filter very easy to maintain. Dust emission is lower than 0.2 mg/m³.

In the engineering phase, it soon became apparent that the use of a pneumatic conveyor was the most suitable method to collect all the dust from the various filters throughout the entire plant and to transport it to the existing dust silo. The transport runs over a distance of 200 metres and can transport about 2 tons of product per hour. The pneumatic conveying system is completely sealed along the whole distance and therefore causes no dust impact during transport. Energy consumption is minimal as a result of correct sizing, which is based on years of experience.

The system has very high operational reliability thanks to the use of high-quality materials including Roots blowers, (bladed) rotary airlocks, cyclofilters and pipe components that may or may not be suitable for abrasive materials. The new dust extraction installation makes it possible to recover the heat from the extracted air. The entire volume of air is returned into the building via one central pipe. Inside, it is divided in such a way that there are no nuisance drafts in the workshop.

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