Prefood storage and bulk loading

A producer and supplier of bakery raw materials invested in a new infrastructure for the storage, packaging and bulk loading of their finished products (various varieties of white and dark flour).
The various types of flour coming from the mixing plants are sieved and checked again in the new building before being stored in one of 50 new storage silos.

Typhoon supplied and installed the necessary pneumatic conveyors (between 11 to 20 tons/h) from the mixing plants to the new building, as well as the pneumatic conveyors to the packaging silos or bulk silos after sifting and screening. The 50 stainless steel silos were also delivered and installed via Typhoon.
Compact, low-maintenance and reliable dust filters are also integrated inside the building for the ventilation/extraction of separating cyclones, silos, packaging machines, loading bellows for the bulk trucks, etc.
In view of the complexity of the installation, everything was developed in 3D so that the silos, sieves, metal separators, cyclones, blowers, fans, diverter valves etc were optimally positioned over the different floors of the building and the pipelines (transport pipes, dust extraction pipes and vent pipes) were integrated into the building in a clear and structured way.

Everything was designed under careful consideration of the strict food safety rules.
All tube materials that come into contact with the product were therefore also made of stainless steel.

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