Wear Solutions

Through a thorough analysis of your problem and our years of experience in the industry, Typhoon Wear Solutions guarantees a total solution for your installations.

We can provide a range of products/installations to reduce your costs and improve performance through improved design, optimum wear selection, delivery and production.

You can also contact us for product support, installation and maintenance.

Our goal is to provide the longest possible service life with the most cost effective wear solution.

Full design and engineering capabilities for standard and custom-made wear-resistant coverings
Extend the service life of your system and reduce maintenance costs.
Applications for a wide range of applications such as wood processing, steel, cement industry, concrete plants, ...
Typhoon Wear solutions, sees customers as partners in business and believes that double profit is the basis for cooperation.
Continuous improvement of wear products and processes

Curious about what we can do for you?

Contact our specialists at +32 56 69 46 50 or send an email to sales@typhoon.be

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