Industrial dedusting

Our self-cleaning, low-maintenance and reliable dust extraction systems meet the strictest emission standards. They deal with dust in your production environment and can also add extra value to your residual fractions. You can also contact us for maintenance of your existing installation. Based on the know-how we have built up since 1959 as the first company in Belgium active in this domain, we’ve grown to be a leading player in many branches of industry.

Enabling you to excel in operational efficiency is our ambition. We therefore find the perfect solution for your specific needs via mutual consultation
Engineering, production, automation and implementation: with our team of specialists, we manage the entire roll-out of our projects.
We develop all our technologies and components in-house: automatic self-cleaning filters, fans, pipes and component parts... In doing so, we are highly committed to innovation.
Our engineers make every effort to design your systems to be sustainable, energy-efficient and low-noise, and to connect them to your existing installations
Our experience stretches across different sectors and we have solutions for both large international players and local SMEs.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Contact our specialists at +32 56 69 46 50 or send an email to

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