Pneumatic conveying

With transport installations based on air technology – both vacuum and pressure transport – powders, granules, swarf, dust and all kinds of residual fractions can be transported in an energy-efficient, hygienic and dust-free manner over a certain distance to a silo, container or other collection system.

Typhoon has all the necessary expertise to develop, implement and maintain innovative systems. Diverse sectors, capacities (from a few dozen kilos to 50 tons per hour) and distances (from a dozen to hundreds of metres): our process engineers have gained extensive experience over the years.

  • Our process engineers work with you to examine how the transport solution can be tailored to the specific needs of your production environment.
  • We are fully responsible for managing the project from a to z: design, production, automation and on-site assembly. We’re also happy to take care of the maintenance of your installation.
  • We always strive for the most sustainable and energy-efficient solution. In this way, we ensure that you see a real difference at operational level.
  • Our expertise in the field of high-pressure and bladed airlocks is world-class.
  • Typhoon provides tailor-made transport systems for various sectors, and for large international companies as well as local SMEs.

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